Things God Has Changed In Me

things god has changed in me

I became a Christian when I was four years old. However, I didn’t understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with God until I was 15 and my family began attending The City Life Church. The people I met there were passionate and full of joy. Through their example, God drew me to Him and put in me a desire to know Him. I began reading my bible, praying, and pursuing relationship with the people in the church around me.

When I express to people why I believe in God and why He is important, one of the things I refer to is that God has changed me. But what do I mean by that? Today, I bring you a list. I am a completely different person than I was seven years ago. This is not simply due to experience or circumstance, this is due to the love of God.

So, what has God changed in me?

-I have learned that I am not always right and that correction is beautiful.

-I have seen how my shyness inhibits me from sharing the love of God. I cannot use my personality as an excuse to be withdrawn.

-I have learned that it is important to love people in small ways; washing their dishes, bringing them a drink, asking about their day, or sending them a text.

-I need to go out of my way to intentionally be a good daughter, a good coworker, and a good friend. Coasting along and letting my actions happen naturally is not good enough.

-My work, no matter what it is, is empty if it does not bring glory to God.

-Worrying is pointless. God is building something eternal and has given me a peace that daily frustrations cannot destroy.

-I realize that I have worth and people are not my friends out of pity or charity.

-I really don’t care that I’m single right now, I’m fine with it. (this really was a big deal a few years ago)

-My faith is not about me and Jesus. It’s not just about me. It’s not just for me. It has been given to me and strengthened in me to bless others.

-I am comfortable with my body. In fact, I value it.

-Life is not fair and that is a good thing.

-God does not owe me anything, I could never earn His love.

-Life requires hard work and I like hard work.

-If I see nothing good in a day, that really is my own fault.

-Worship happens every moment through my words, thoughts, actions, and desires.

-Generosity is possible every single day no matter how much or how little I have.

-I have so far to go in loving people genuinely. It is daunting, but I am not on my own.

These are a few of the things God has crafted and molded and shaped in me. Many more things have changed and will change as I continue my relationship with him. But now, hopefully, you have a better idea what my relationship with God means to me and what it has done.

Written by c.l.collins


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