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Just a video for you on the blog today. Does that make me a vlogger? No? That’s okay.

This is a poem a wrote and decided was better read out loud.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m coming to better understand negative associations that people have with Christians and the Church. I’m coming to feel real empathy when somebody says that bad experiences made them feel the need to distance themselves from religion. There are so many scandals, so many tragedies where we see people shying away from God because of pain they’ve felt at the hands of those who follow Him. This piece explores that. It’s not an answer or a solution to that sort of pain, just an examination of some of the questions and reactions that those situations can open up.

In church this past Sunday, partially in response to everything happening with the Catholic church in Pennsylvania, a guest speaker closed his sermon by addressing anyone who has felt hurt by Christians or the Church. Then, on behalf of the Church as a global body, he apologized for the wrong that had been done. It was a powerful moment.

Does an apology from one man erase pain and wrongdoing? No. But it recognizes pain and hurt as something serious and real.

As I grow in my faith, I too want to have the kind of demeanor that can honestly recognize pain and its injustice. I too want to say I’m sorry on behalf of the Church. Not as a solution to brokenness, but as a step towards truth and healing.






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