Some Things I Like & Some Things I Don’t Circa 2016

Right now I’m just outside Boston for a mission conference at Gordon College. My organization is exhibiting and we’re talking to students about our internship program and open positions on the field.
In order to give a general update on my life/ mental/ emotional state so far this year, I’ve decided to write a couple lists. Some things I like and some things I don’t so far in 2016.
Some things I like:
-Cooking Turkish food for my American friends and family
-Sketching every day
-Meeting people at conferences who apply to our internship
-Celebrating Galentine’s Day
-Working in my office in general
-Painting prayer walls (pictured above)
-Getting Sub Rosa for breakfast once a week with Lisl, one of our interns
-Teaching people about visual communications in my office
-Drawing hands
-Filling up notebooks; usually I misplace my sketchbooks temporarily before finishing them
-Listening to: X-Ambassadors, Bleachers, 21 Pilots, Alex Clare, Wolf Gang
-Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns, more of the Foundation Series, Life and Other Near Death Experiences
-Watching: the new Walking Dead episodes, Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers, Game of Thrones, Mad Max, The Martian
-Cooking with: Parsnips, red pepper paste, and butternut squash
-Making good rice without measuring the water
-Living with my roommates, who happen to be some of the funniest, best people I know
-My (relatively) new French press
-Nannying the same 4 kids 5 afternoons a week
Some things I don’t like:
-Donald Trump
-Donald Trump
-Ted Cruz
-Lots of snow (I may or may not have broken a snow shovel)
-Elderly dogs (the family I nanny has an exceptionally old beagle)
-People cooking absurdly small portions of food (like the videos of hamsters eating burritos, that is stupid)
-Being very far from Turkey
-Monkeys dressed in people clothes. That is creepy.
-Ice on sidewalks.
-Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”
-Just for good measure, Donald Trump. Please do not vote for him. For the love of everything good in this world, do not vote for him.

Written by c.l.collins

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