Give It A Name

I end up writing about chronic illness pretty frequently on this blog. It doesn’t define who I am, but having Crohn’s disease has impacted some fundamental ways I think about the world. Illness has forced some realizations in me that I may have otherwise waited years for, if those epiphanies ever came at all. By… Read more »

What Is My Good?

Maybe I’m entering a cynical phase in my life. Maybe I’m taking things to seriously. Maybe I’m being a touch dramatic. Or maybe I’m finally developing a more full view of the world. What I’m feeling and examining now has been building for a few years and I think a similar sensation builds in all of us when we… Read more »

Vegetarian Recipes Pt 1: Fettuccine With Roasted Eggplant, Mushrooms, Ricotta, and Arugula

I want to share a collection of vegetarian recipes I’ve made over the past few months that I really enjoyed. I’m not a vegetarian, but for environmental and ethical issues, I’m trying to eat less meat. Cameron and I actually tried out a vegetarian diet for a couple months to help adjust our tastes and… Read more »

Wild Wild Country

Netflix has a new documentary series called “Wild Wild Country” about a cult that created/ took over a small town in rural Oregon in the 1980’s. It’s a crazy story, the cinematography is beautiful (except for the animations they add in) and the sound track is pretty on point. If you don’t want any spoilers, you… Read more »

We Are Becoming: Adulting in Your Twenties

We are aging like whiskey, Slow and steady, Ancient and sweet. Right now we’re Crude and sharp, Biting and bitter. We are nothing close To what we should be. We can please nobody’s palette, we are worthy of no accolades. After decades of loss and joy And celebration and pain, We will be ready To… Read more »

Summer in Virginia

Summer in Virginia makes anybody who’s not from Virginia tell you stories about a “dry heat”. “It’s a dry heat,” they explain with a wave of their hand as they regale you with tales of Colorado, or Arizona, or that one time in Nevada. “It doesn’t feel hot like it does here.” After his first… Read more »

Prophecies & Parables: Clarity in Confusion

Deep truths in Christian faith often come packaged in the form of paradox. We serve a God who is omnipotent yet personal, a God as perfect in love as He is in wrath. Giving does not deplete us, rather fills us so that we have more to give. Our slavery to righteousness sets us free. We are to… Read more »

North Africa Testimonies: Samuel

We spent a week in North Africa. The two days when we hosted art gallery receptions went by in a blur. We framed pieces, put up walls, printed flyers and statements, arranged furniture, and prepared to speak with hundreds of people. The real beauty of preparing for the gallery, though, was not anything we accomplished…. Read more »

North Africa Testimonies: Fiona

The two days of our art gallery in North Africa went by in a blur. We framed pieces, put up walls, printed flyers and statements, arranged furniture, and prepared to speak with hundreds of people. The real beauty of preparing for the gallery, though, was not anything we accomplished. The real beauty was accomplishing it… Read more »

A Different Jesus

Cameron and I just got back from our honeymoon a couple days ago. It was an amazing trip to Barcelona, Rome, and Paris. We were both in awe of these places we had heard of and never been, these cities that are full of history, culture, great food, and legendary art. Throughout the three cities,… Read more »

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    Saltines and Darkness

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      Today I bring to you a stirring tale of tragedy, perseverance, and transcendence. It will shock, inspire, and perhaps bring tears to your eyes. Nah, just kidding. I was sick last week. That’s it. From Thursday to Sunday afternoon I spent the majority of my time eating saltines and sitting in near-darkness grumbling to… Read more »

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    Sand and Seashells and Prayer

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    Sorry, no pictures today, only words. Actually, I’m not sorry. I feel like I owe you, dear reader, some more substantial thoughts than what I’ve been putting out. Today we had our third class on prayer. Part of what we’ve been learning is to make listening a regular part of our prayer life. This is… Read more »

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    Happy Monday- Everybody is Sick

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    In honor of all the other interns in the office being sick, I made what looks like a real bad album cover. Whaddup. For real, though, I need to get a lot of vitamin C and a lot of sleep ASAP. Otherwise, today was very good. We learned about working in multi-cultural teams and integrating… Read more »

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    Two Weeks In

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    I’m two weeks into my internship and I love it! Here you can see the back door of our building. It was painted by the most recent artist to be featured in the gallery at the front of our office, Seth Remsnyder. His pieces are still up and it’s great to work in an environment… Read more »

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    My Feelings on Donuts

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          A lovely guest brought donuts to our devotion this morning. Some people see God’s beauty in a sunset or a mountain. For me, it’s donuts. They really get me. I’m only kidding a little bit. Donuts make me 100% more excited about everything, including devotions. Praise da Lawd for donuts. We also… Read more »

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    Why are you wearing your shoes?

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    So, I’ll be doing a fashion post every Wednesday, today’s is the first! No wait, please don’t leave, I’m only joking. The shoes above, despite their appearance, do not belong to an eighty year old history professor. They’re mine. Currently, they are sitting on a carpet that is surrounded by pillows and interns who are in… Read more »

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    It’s raining and I just remembered I have grapes

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    Since I’m supposed to be blogging everyday, here’s what’s going on today real quick: -I’m working on re-designing a worksheet -this blog got made -I think I’m slowly killing the orchid that Hillside gave me (I’ve over-watered it already) -It’s raining -I also got another design assignment- a brochure for the World Horizons location in… Read more »