I’m a Communications Director

I work in an office in Richmond. I used to work with a team in Turkey. Before that I briefly worked with a team in Kyrgyzstan. And before that, I was in Richmond.

But what exactly am I doing in Richmond? In this picture, I’m sitting in an interactive art piece in our gallery.

Outside of that, I’m working with Hillside Missions and World Horizons USA as our office’s Communications Director. This means that I ensure quality, consistency, and clarity across all of our platforms of communication, from social media to web pages to banners to brochures. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

No, it sounds pretty dry when I put it like that, particularly the phrase “ensure consistency”. However, it’s not boring work. I love it. I love writing things for our websites, editing blog posts we’ll put up, checking up on social media, designing banners, editing pictures that we’ll publish, writing proposals.

Still doesn’t sound too exciting to you? That’s alright. Lucky for you, I have some examples of projects I’ve gotten to work on over the past year and a half with my organization:

-Recruitment brochures for teams in the Middle East and North Africa

-Artist statements for our Richmond gallery

-A painting for our gallery in India

-Packaging for thirty different kinds of coffee for our Turkey team’s coffee roasting business

-Prayer cards for those affected by Boko Haram in West Africa

-Illustrations for videos

-Social media campaigns

-Conference banners for the US office

-Paintings and Illustrations for pop-up galleries in California and Missouri

-Maps to help refugees find their way to our new building in Ankara

-Brochures for a mission training program in Mexico

-A coffee flavor wheel

-Scripts for videos for multiple organizations in the US

-Designs for hand painted signage

-Flyers and invites for more events than I can really remember

I also get to learn more about other cultures, graphic design, and WordPress. Oh, WordPress.

After reading that list, if my work still doesn’t sound at least marginally cool to you, I don’t think there’s much else I can do for you. I love my job. I get to do so many different kinds of work, I get to work with people from every continent, and I get to work in an office that houses not only an art gallery, but some of the coolest people I know.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what my job is. Wanna know about current projects? Have questions? Want to visit the gallery or join us for morning devotions one day? Let me know.

Written by c.l.collins

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