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I’m the Communications Director for World Horizons USA and Hillside Missions Organization. During my internship, I wrote a post about why I love where I work. That list was only 8 items, so here are a few more:

13043387_957300684365778_4550882035791571361_n-This office is a community. We’re friends. We support each other. We work to help each other succeed.

-We get the opportunity to travel together and work with teams on the field.

-Our interns have connected with the refugee community in Richmond and spent the last few months tutoring refugees, teaching them how to get around the city, and becoming their friends.

-I get to meet people from all over the world, who are going all over the world because of their ties to World Horizons. I’ve met people from every continent since coming to work here.

-I get to meet interns and staff who are dreaming big things for their lives, and going to make those things happen in countless different countries.

-We get to introduce people to the idea that billions of people don’t have access to the gospel, then we get to invite them to help us change that.

Yeah, I love my office, I love my job, I love the people I work with. And I’m inviting you to work with me. This fall we have our biggest internship class ever. Our work around the world is expanding. People who have worked with us are moving on to the next stages of ministry in different places. We have open positions on the following teams:
-Member Care
-Social Media
-Mobilization and Recruiting
-Art as Mission

Do you like making sure people are being taken care of pastorally? Come work with us. Have a talent for posting clever content on social media? Come work with us. Enjoy working with recent high school or college grads as they learn about new cultures? Come work with us. Are numbers and spreadsheets your thing? Come work with us. Can you tell compelling stories in writing or visually? Come work with us.

World Horizons and Hillside Missions Organization share an office in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Most staff positions are 25 hours a week.

All positions are self-funded. We have experience fundraising and we’re happy to help you do it well, too.

After almost two years I still love that I get to work here, and our office is full of people who feel the same way. If you have questions, I would love to meet with you in my office to talk to you more about what we do. You can email me and we’ll set up a good time.

If you don’t have questions, go ahead and fill out the application here.

We’re excited that we have a growing team. I hope you consider being a part of it.

Written by c.l.collins

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